Our brand campaign creates a relevant and personal relationship with our core audience, engaging the consumer in a friendly, empathetic way. Brooke Shields communicates to female consumers that the La-Z-Boy brand reflects their lifestyles and that La-Z-Boy comfort is a perfect fit in their homes and lives.

Using rich, evocative film and photography to portray her real, relaxed side, Brooke Shields comes across not as an actor, but as a person – someone who lives life comfortably herself. Her warm, welcoming personality and authentic charm enhance our company’s accessible style and our dedication to helping consumers enjoy the pleasures of life in a truly comfortable home.

The La-Z-Boy name is synonymous with living life comfortably and Brooke Shields helps focus our consumers’ attention on the wide range of great-looking products we offer beyond recliners.

Brooke Shields Usage

Brooke Shields usage is limited to North America. The only authorized use or reference in relation to Brooke Shields will be provided by La-Z-Boy Marketing. No reference, images or material related to Brooke Shields, unless provided by La-Z-Boy Marketing, may be locally created, printed, trafficked in advertising, featured online or displayed in-store. From a contractual standpoint, local dealers and representatives may not promote Brooke Shields in any way, unless in direct conjunction with La-Z-Boy guidance and materials provided.