Primary Palette

The Build Something Amazing palette is based on the La-Z-Boy® consumer brand colors. The primary colors remain exactly the same, and the secondary colors are brighter, more energized shades in the same color families as the consumer brand secondary colors. This palette keeps our employer brand communications modern and fresh, and works well in both digital and print formats.

Blue is King

La-Z-Boy Corporate Blue is the king of the internal brand color palette, sitting at the top of the hierarchy. When there are two levels to the communications, blue is the umbrella color.

Example: In the Bravo program, Bravo is in blue and the three awards under Bravo are in colors from the primary palette

Secondary Palette

Choose Colors for a Reason

Rather than randomly picking a secondary color, be guided by the coloration in the accompanying visual, if there is one. For instance, if the employee in the photo is wearing an orange sweater, the orange from the secondary palette might work well. If there are no bright colors in the visual, blue might be the best choice.

The members of the green color family don’t always get along. If there’s a green object in the photo that clashes with our secondary green, you might try orange or blue instead.

Yellow Always Gets Picked Last

Because yellow is the weakest color in the secondary palette, it’s used only when a fifth secondary color is needed. If there are five elements in a campaign or communications, yellow would be one of the five colors. But if you only need three or four colors, let yellow sit on the bench.

In channels that are highly repetitive, like digital signage, yellow is useful for adding variety in the colors used.

Yellow Can’t Read

Yellow can be difficult to read. Avoid using yellow for text in either digital or print communications.

All Colors Can Travel

Any of the colors in the primary palette can be used for communications specific to Corporate, Operations or Retail. There’s no one color assigned to any division, so that employees throughout the company are all exposed to the full range of secondary palette colors.