Photography for Employer Branding

Three categories of photography for employer branding:

  1. Original Employee Photography (2016)
  2. Situational Stock Photography
  3. Still Life Stock Photography (Objects on White)

Employee Photography

Professional photography library includes:

  • Corporate Employees
  • Retail Employees
  • Operations Employees

Don’t use stock photography of models and imply that the models are La-Z-Boy employees. If you can see the face of the person in the photo, it should be a real employee.

To access Employee Photography, login at

Select Advertising Images -> Images & Logos -> Categories -> Internal Assets -> Corporate, Retail or Plants

Situational Stock Photography

Close-up action shots

  • High Contrast
  • White
  • Cropped in on action

This category of photography might include hands or feet, but not faces, unless you’re representing a person who is not an employee.

Keep Photos Sharp

Avoid shots that are blurry or faded.

Crop In On Action

Avoid showing faces in situational stock, or models posing as employees.

Objects-On-White Stock Photography

Isolated articles shot on white background

  • Shot from overhead or straight on
  • Shadows are preferred
  • Choose single objects rather than collections of items
  • Choose shots with white surrounding object, rather than an object breaking frame

Make sure nothing breaks the frame, but is isolated on white.

Keep Objects Isolated

Choose shots with white surrounding object, rather than an object breaking frame.

For a Longer Shelf Life

How to choose photography for projects that need to stick around:

  • Consider using Objects on White or Situational stock photography, as shown on the previous pages
  • To show employees, choose group shots without distinct faces rather than photos of specific individual employees
  • Use of color blocks can be used if photography isn’t essential