Advertising templates are designed to connect with our core target female consumer to increase consideration and store traffic. Ads contain key activation elements, while presenting stories in a very calculated and strategic manner. Adherence to the structure, type design and core elements are important to the success of the ad template.

The Comfort Studio marketing program allows dealers to leverage the power of the La-Z-Boy brand in all their advertising materials. For complete details on the materials available and the entire program, contact your La-Z-Boy Account Executive.

All ROP ads for Comfort Studio stores and general dealers are available on in the Images/Advertising tab.

Color Harmony

  • Advertising template and product are color-harmonized for a distinctive and attractive presentation


  • Logo across top of ad

  • Image of core target female customer

  • Headline in form of quote to reinforce key brand messaging

Offer Area

  • Clear and uncluttered messaging

  • Offer has hierarchy over event name


  • The product is the hero of the ad and is the dominant visual

Secondary Offer Area

  • Space for a custom message to enhance the main offer

Pricing and Discounts

Discount Claims

Advertised discounts should range from 10% to 40% for sales events and up to 50% for clearance ads only. Clearance ads should not be used more than twice each year, and advertised discounts on La-Z-Boy products may not exceed 50%.

Price Comparisons

Avoid listing prices that are “hard to believe,” as they diminish the consumer's value perception of the product and the store. You are responsible for being aware of your state's regulations regarding the legal ramifications in using reference pricing.

“Starting From” Pricing

When “starting from” pricing is referenced, and the product featured is sold at a higher price point, always include “as shown” pricing.