The La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® television advertising is the easiest creative to execute because high-quality production is already completed. Dealers only need to select the appropriate spot that best represents the upcoming promotion and customize their offer via the AdMaker website on RPA will turnkey the rest of the process.


  • The current La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries television library maintains spots that are designed to educate and activate. In order for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries dealers to most effectively leverage the television creative, it’s important to run a full range of television creative and not air only promotional creative. To increase our buying audience, we must showcase our product selection and services and help differentiate La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries from other furniture retailers.

  • Important: Only commercials pre-produced by La-Z-Boy Marketing can be aired or used in television advertising. No television creative outside the current La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries library is available for any dealer use.

  • Because television spots may only be available on select dates throughout the calendar year, it’s imperative to check with your RPA regional account director (RAD) on spot availability. View and order the TV spots on, under the TV/Radio Customization tab.

Media Buying

  • Please contact RPA for any current media buying opportunities.


  • Tagged versions of all “Live life comfortably.®” television ads are currently available for dealers to view and customize on the AdMaker website. To ensure the quality and image of the commercials are maintained, all television creative must be customized by RPA.

  • Please contact your RPA RAD for the most current voice-over options.

  • Please allow RPA 10 days to customize your television spot.

  • TV spots are available with promo tag.


Radio commercials are produced for dealer use in both :50/:10 and :20/:10 formats, allowing time for a local announcer to read the :10 tag. The prerecorded section of a commercial cannot be changed or edited locally.

  • The spots are flexible to accommodate promotional themes and offers throughout the year.

  • The educational spots are customizable and can be tagged with sales promotions, offers and/or store services, etc.

  • The activation spots support limited-time events and government holiday sales periods. They are customizable and can be tagged with sales promotions, offers and/or store services, etc.

Media Buying

The purchasing of radio media can be completed either through RPA or by the dealer directly using approved spots created by RPA. View and order radio spots on, under the TV/Radio Customization tab.