La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor stores should use the standard La-Z-Boy letterhead.

The following electronic letterhead design maintains our brand identity and provides an alternative to the printed letterhead. Download this design for all electronic communications.


The following internal memo design maintains our brand identity and accommodates the low printing quality of many copy machines. Use this design for all internal communications.

PowerPoint Presentation

A versatile PowerPoint presentation that adheres to our corporate identity and enriches our brand is available.

A standard and Widescreen version (for larger TV's and monitors) are now available for downloading.

For optimal presentation on today's prevalent widescreen monitors, TVs and laptops, always use the widescreen (aspect ratio 16:9) template. However, the standard (4:3) remains adequate and in fact is preferred if not using a widescreen and/or when using a projector.

*To properly view EPS files, please ensure you use a program such as Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.