Our principal trade name is La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor ®. A trade name is the name under which a business operates. Do not confuse it with a trademark. A trademark is a symbol, word or design – like our logo and product names – that distinguishes a company’s goods and services from those of another.

Refer to us as La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor on first reference in business correspondence, as well as in company location information. Do not ever refer to us as La-Z-Boy’s Home Furnishings & Décor (possessive).

Trade Name with Products

When referring to La-Z-Boy products, La-Z-Boy may never be pluralized or used as a noun; e.g. "a wide selection of La-Z-Boys." It may only be used as an adjective; e.g. "a wide selection of La-Z-Boy® recliners."

Adding Registration Marks

The federal registration mark must be used when referring to La-Z-Boy products, such as the La-Z-Boy® Riley chair or La-Z-Boy® Talbot sofa, as well as for generic product references like La-Z-Boy® recliners. La-Z-Boy products are registered trademarks of La-Z-Boy Incorporated and thus merit such designation.