The standardized “a La-Z-Boy company” format will be used in conjunction with the other brands/divisions where appropriate.

This tagline should be used on business-to-business communications and not on communications and materials intended for consumers. Exceptions should be reviewed by the CMO. Below are versions of this logo available for download. Do not change the font or typeface on either the logo or the word “company.”

1-Color Normal

Safe Area

The space around the words “a La-Z-Boy company” should be the equivalent of the height of the oval in La-Z-Boy.


The “a La-Z-Boy company” tagline must appear flush right to the divisional logo and be approximately 2/3 the width of the logo. This needs to be positioned the equivalent of the height of the oval in La-Z-Boy below the divisional logo.

*To properly view EPS files, please ensure you use a program such as Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.