Consistency is a key element in creating and maintaining brand identity. Choose the appropriate logo from the selection below. The La-Z-Boy Incorporated logo should only be used in investor presentations, corporate employee communications, business-to-business communications, corporate printed materials, such as the Annual Report and other items as determined by corporate executives.

In general, the La-Z-Boy logo (without “Incorporated”) can be used for all letterhead, interoffice memos, business cards and many PowerPoint presentations.

The “Live life comfortably.®” tagline cannot be used with the La-Z-Boy Incorporated logo.

We ask that you please use .jpg and .png files for digital files only, such as websites or emails. Please use .eps files for print materials or files where the logo needs to be enlarged.

4-Color Normal

2-Color Normal

1-Color Normal

1-Color Reversed

*To properly view EPS files, please ensure you use a program such as Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.