These guidelines are provided as a single source for utilizing the La-Z-Boy Incorporated branding and tagline. This guide is created to make sure that we stay true to our common La-Z-Boy branding elements and approaches.


No tagline is used with La-Z-Boy Incorporated. See other Brand Guidelines for tagline usage.


The La-Z-Boy Incorporated logo consists of two elements: the oval and logotype. These elements must always appear in this configuration and must never be separated or altered.


The logo height and width, as well as the spacing between the oval and type, must be proportionately represented at all sizes. Don’t stretch, pull or twist the logo. Although the minimum width for the logo is 1.5", always keep its size proportional to the size of the piece you are creating.

Safe Area

A generous amount of white space, or "safe area," must surround the logo. As shown, the safe area is based on the height of the logo’s oval. Do not place text or other graphic elements within this area.


Whenever possible, the logotype should appear in black font with a PANTONE PLUS 3005 C oval. In situations where print quality is very poor, you may use an all-black logo.

Background Color

Solid white is the first choice for background color. The logo may also appear reversed out over PANTONE PLUS 3005 C. In this case, the oval color would be white.

Incorrect Logo Use

  • Never use our logo over a patterned background

  • Never use the logo within a sentence

  • Place only one logo per page

  • Do not present the logo in any color other than black and PANTONE PLUS 3005 C

  • Use only the approved La-Z-Boy Incorporated logo available in electronic format

PANTONE® is a trademark of Pantone, Inc. The colors shown on this page and throughout this manual are not intended to match the PANTONE Color Standard. Please refer to the PANTONE Color Matching Swatch Book for accurate color representation.